The Guide

  The Coast Guard licensed guide on your Alaskan fishing trip will be Darell Welk. He
came to Ketchikan 34 years ago and has spent every summer and winter here since. He started fishing in Ketchikan as a commercial fisherman and spent 10 years fishing for salmon, halibut, cod, crab, shrimp, herring and sea cucumbers. Twenty four years ago he gave up commercial fishing in the summers and started a guiding business. He continued to work the winters as a commercial fisherman and diver but dedicated his summers to showing the rest of the world, the Alaska fishing he has come to know. 

 In the 33 years Darell has lived in ketchikan , he has been on the water fishing almost every single day of each summer.
When fall and winter roll around it is time to get back out on the water and enjoy the
hunting and fishing with our family. Darell is married to Rachel Welk  and they have 2 awesome Alaska girls, Josie and Rylie. We love having families with their children. 
Darell will customize each trip according to the involvement level each group would like. Some groups prefer to have as much help as possible while other groups enjoy getting involved with netting fish, baiting gear and setting downriggers. I enjoy getting our guests involved in the whole process.  They go home with some fish and a good feeling of how they caught the fish not just watching the guide do most of the fishing.

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