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We sit right in the middle of some of the most productive Alaska salmon fishing in the entire state. In fact, Ketchikan is billed as the Alaskan salmon capital of the world. But it doesn't end there. We also have a excellent bottom fishery. While you're on an Alaskan halibut fishing trip you're likely to catch a variety of bottom fish.

  Some of these are red snapper, ling cod, sea bass, rock cod, grey cod and black cod just to mention a few.  

  When fishing you can just sit back and enjoy while your Alaskan fishing guide does all the  work. Or if your an experienced fisherman, or woman you will have the chance to bait, set the gear and net the fish if you choose. I like to give my guests different options to chose from to customize your days on the water.

Fishing Calendar


Ketchikan King salmon fishing starts in May and runs through mid July with June being
the peak. They weigh anywhere from 12 to 60 plus pounds and average around 20 pounds.
Ketchikan Silver fishing starts in July and runs through the first week of October. They show up around 9 pounds but by mid August they're weighing in up to 20 pounds.

Ketchikan Halibut fishing is best in june, July and August . They can tip the scales from 15 pounds to 400 pounds. The average weight is around 20                                                                   pounds. Halibut size limits change every year.
                                                      Not included: Alaskan Fishing license / King salmon                                                                     stamps

1 day fishing license - $25

3 day fishing license - $45
7 day fishing license - $70 

King salmon stamp
1 day stamp - $15 
3 day stamp - $30
7 day stamp - $45



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